Rosewood Designs  handles repair, restoration and custom woodworking for residential and commercial clients.

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     A piece of wood furniture does not have to be an heirloom to justify a repair or refinishing. It may just be a good piece of furniture that is perfect in its present location and use. Repair work requires a fundamental understanding of the properties of different woods and the different types of joinery and their appropriate use. You need to know what will work and will not. Determining what type of antique finish is on a piece of furniture before starting a repair is vitally important. Some broken parts can be glued to their original strength, some may need to be reinforced or replaced. In some rare instances, preservation of original parts is of primary concern and original strength cannot be achieved.

A lot of times the repair you don't see is the most important, and sometimes the most costly. The type of repair or restoration you choose will depend on the nature of your piece. It is a good idea to have your antique furniture professionally appraised before undergoing a repair or restoration work. You want to know if the work will increase or decrease the value. For most people, a drop in value really does not matter. They are not looking to sell the piece. What they want is a piece of furniture that looks good, is safe to use and will last a few more generations. We do not hesitate to advise caution or even advise against proceeding.

The process can be as unobtrusive as a scratch touch up, or it might require the complete removal of the existing stain and finish, then the application of a new finish. Generally we can move a lighter wood to any degree of a darker shade. Achieving a color lighter than the natural color of a given wood is where a color expectation may not be achieved. If we feel that your expectations cannot be met, we will tell you so.

 Martha Washington Sewing Chest, Before  Martha Washington Sewing Chest, After  Small Cabinet, Before, Inside Small Cabinet, 2A, Before 
 Cherry Chest on Chest, Before  Cherry Chest on Chest, After  Small Cabinet, 2A, After  Small Cabinet, 2B, After
 Cherry Dresser, Before  Cherry Dresser, After  Carolina Dresser Repair, Before  Carolina Dresser Repair, After
 Mahogany Chest of Drawers, Before  Mahogany Chest of Drawers, After  


Finding a cabinet to properly fit a new flat screen TV is difficult at best. We can build a table or stand to place it on. Maybe a custom frame or cabinet to mount your HDTV onto the wall would work better for you.

We are located in the Greenville area of South Carolina and service the whole upstate, including Anderson, Fountain Inn, Greer, Landrum, Mauldin, Simpsonville, and Travelers Rest. 
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